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After building a few homepages, I actually got around to building a "Home" for my homepages.

Did that make sense?

Well anyone who knows me, knows my pages wouldn't be complete without adding Taz somewhere.

So he was the perfect choice for this page.

Yes my kids are very important to me. Can you tell? I only named my pages after them and dedicated all my pages to them!

They are my joy!

I hope I can still say that when they are teenagers!

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I hope you enjoy my printables pages as much as I enjoyed making them.

I'm always on the search for new things to add.

So check back often.

I finally have them organized into categories!!

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Something for all ages! Anything you can think of to print is here. If it's not on this list, then it doesn't exist anywhere that I know of!

We have found TONS of coloring pages! You'll never have to buy another coloring book after your visit here!

Living with Scoliosis
My story of being a young mother of an infant and toddler and living with Scoliosis and Arthritis.
A continuing story.

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Bobbie Justus-Buck
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